Tomica Star Wars Car Kylo Ren SC-06

Guess who's the next Starwars Car I am going to review today?
Yes it's the grand son for Darth Vader, Kylo Ren!

I actually decide to pick this up duel to the vintage design of the car with the modern touch of Kylo Ren mask on the front. Wait there's more of other reason as I will share later in the review.

First the look of the vehicle was awesome as the finishing was in matte black and white border wheels.

The Mask on the front look fitting as it is like a hooded Kylo Ren.

On the side view, it give the automobile during the Mafia era.

At the back of the license plate spelled Kylo Ren.

One of the additional feature was the hood of the car can be removed.

A topless convertible which look much more better in my opinion.

Without hood the front look does not affect that much as the Mask on the front took most of the attention.

But on both side view, it look much more better in a classic way.

You can get to see the feature of the dashboard and the car seat.

One bonus feature and this is really a bonus, if you have a LEGO minifigure like Kylo Ren, it will take the playing to the next level.

You can actually put a minifigure in as standing in the vehicle. Kylo Ren going on parade!

If you remove the minifigure legs, you can fit the body like it is riding in the vehicle.

This look awesome right? Kylo Ren having it own car!!!

I do hope in the feature episode of Starwars that this character will be better and not so weak as in episode 7.

Do you like Kylo Ren's car??


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