Tomica Star Wars Car BB-8 SC-09

Time to review some Starwars stuff since every #GoRogue now. LOL

Today I am going to do a review on Tomica Star Cars series. A special cute car of BB-8 in Starwars!

The box show case what was suppose to be inside of both front and back view of the BB-8 vehicles. Look cute and there are die cast parts in this series of course. This is the 9 cars if Star Cars series and thus given SC-09.

Time to Open the Toy!

Out of the box, the look of the vehicle is as how the box illustrated no doubt. The front you have both sensors as eye and the hood was see through with a single window swiper.

However the one that I have chosen happen to have some paint defect as you can see on the side some orange and black stain. I guess it was just my luck....:(

The side view was good showing the wheel on the front on each side.

At the back you can see the Athena and a spare tyre covering with BB-8 desgin theme. Even the license plate spelled out it's name!

Turned the car over and you will see the 3 wheels of this BB-8 car and this was made in Vietnam.

From the top, you can see there are actually BB-8 design even on the clear top.

Overall this is a cute car and it is fitting of being a BB-8 designed concept car. I cannot imagine if this is in real life.

If you like BB-8 and car, this is one concept model car to have. Just be sure if you can make sure the painting are alright.  As for me that doesn't really brother me. It give it some character. LOL

Go Rogue!!


Really cute and looks like a submarine or maybe time machine lolz

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