Takara Tomy Metacolle Metal Figure Hello Kitty

Today my review is the first Takara Tomy Hello kitty in diecast figure series. So say Hello to kitty

These come two version of Hello Kitty of sitting down in blue and standing up with an apple in red. Apparently they name them in their color and not by their position.

At the back of the boxes you can see the license of Sanrio.

Okay let's Open the Toy!!

Small as it can be, this figure are heavy with the metal weight so for Diecast lover, this are totally worth it. It is HELLO KITTY somemore!

As the photo have shown both Kitty figure are flawless in color and smoothness.
You will also notice both of the head can be rotated. However on the side you can see the lines of both front and back joining together.

The reason for the join line is because both head and both wich is metal parts are holding together by screws. But hey it's metal. You think glue will help?

At the bottom of them are the license of Sanrio and both are made in China. :)

The funny thing that I notice was that in both standing and sitting the height don't seems to have much height difference.... It is either it has short leg or big butt. LOL

Anyway these are still cool figure as it is diecast metal and it's Hello Kitty! Perfect gift with heavy weight for Christmas right?

Who don't love Hello Kitty? ;)


Looks like u are into die-cast these days. I like Japanese way of packaging even for small toys like these that come in box. Presentable and easy storage.
LEon said…
@Dennis Diecast more value for money. Got weight. Last longer too!

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