Starwars Astromech Droids 6-Pack

If you are into Astromech from Starwars, behold there maybe something new for you to get. The Astromech Droids 6 packs!

There are 6 of them in this pack which some may call this Repaint.
First the Orange R7-F5, a Shadow Squadron droid in the Clone war.

R7-D4 who was with Jedi Plo Koon.

RC-C2 who's served with a Hutt Lord Ziro. It has tattoos of the black sun all over it.

R2-A5 actually make it preview in A New Hope at Mos Eisley.

Another Droid that served a Hutt would be this droid which has no Droid name but labelled as Jabba's Bartender.

Last of all a Pink Droid QT-KT that follow Aayla Secura a female Jedi Master who would love Hello kitty if she ever saw it. LOL

There the 6 Droids. If you like it, these are no longer SDCC 2016 exclusive in some region now. So look out for it at your toy department but these may not be cheap tho.


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