New LEGO Starwars Released

Well here are some of the new LEGO release that should be in your shop location now.

Let's start with the latest MicroFighters series

Tie Striker Microfighter

The empire Krennic's Imperial Shuttle Microfighter

The Rebellion U-Wing Microfighter

And the  Y-Wing Microfighter

For the Troopers pack from Rogue One, Imperial Trooper Battle pack which will be selling like Hot cakes for obvious reason....

and the rebels which you can take your time to buy since it will be on the shelves for many ages to come Rebel Troopers

One of the highlight was the box set of the Duel in Naboo which you can re-create the scene of Darth Maul, Obiwan and Qui Gon Jinn

Another set would be Battle of Scarif from Rogue One

For Vehicle you have Yoda and R2D2 with Yoda's Jedi Starfighter. You didn't know Yoda is a pilot right? So do I.

From Starwars Rebel series the new Phantom which include Chopper!!

And quite big set Y-wing starfighter is back!

Lastly the new series of Starwars LEGO buildable figures. Yes Donnie Yen !

Well head to your LEGO stores now!


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