Marvel Legend Ultimate Spider-man

It seems I have always been buying Spider-man related figure and when I saw the Ultimate Spider-man from Marvel Legend that is inline with the cartoon, I tell myself I got to have it.

Why would I get this Spider-man? This is a younger Peter Parker and I love the illustration as a cartoon and the figure is more to scale as a teenager as he is more smaller in build.

At the packaging you get to see that it offer different hands to change and even a mask off head which I like as a illustration.

This series offer 2 Spider-man of Miles Morales and Peter Parker. Actually I wanted both as they are same height but I only have budget for 1,

This series come with a build-able figure which is the massive Space Venom  and with this figure comes with a left arms.

Time to Open the Toy!

Out of box, this Peter Parker is amazing having a lean boy build with a good looking spider mask face just like in the cartoon.

The back of his Spider logo was this version. Doesn't really resemble spider but it look cute.

The mask off version of the head do look good too on the body. Seriously cartoon looking face look much better as a toy than a real life face.

The figure being Spider-man is able to do some amazing pose like hanging on pole hands free by itself!!

What is spider-man without crawling angle shot right? So this is how nice it will look! Spider senses!!

Overall I am happy to get hold of this version of Ultimate Spider-man and in many way this is more in line with the coming Spider-man movie after the Civil wars.

Meanwhile Rock on Peter!!

Do you fancy Ultimate Spider-man?


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