Visit to Kotobukiya Akihabara Store Part 1

If one go Japan, one place to visit in Tokyo would be Akihabara. There's a number of toy shop over there but the biggest one in one building as a store I guess the cookie would goes to Kotobukiya Akihabara Store.

There are total of 5 levels of toys and goods in this store. I will just cover some of it as there are too many products to cover on all level.

On the entrance, you would see Danboard and Yotsuba having it own merchandise. Particularly Danbo character is very popular for more than a decade when he was introduce.

The simpler design comes with many version of repaint using it advertised some goods through the years.

There are various size and material made on Danbo.

There is even T-shirt for both of the character but my size was so common that it sold out!

There are also some lifestyle accessories for Danboard like powerbank and cable too! Can you believe that? It is so practical! 

Okay enough of Danboard. There are other stuff as well to cover.
I was rather surprise to see there is Pokemon there.

Also some other lifestyle stuff of Pokemon.

There are Mario stuff selling there as well.

Also Kirby!!!

There's Megaman or some region called it Rockman.

It comes with stickers and handphone cover as well.

There's a section only Monster Hunters

Apparently there's a great following on Monster Hunters in Japan.

Now Evangelion are pretty big in Japan too so there also a section of it toys...

and other merchandise!

Also they seems to be a big following of Dragon Quest!

With chrome figures!!

and other merchandise!

These series seems to popular too in Japan.

These series of figure mini dolls seems to be popular as well...

As you can dress them up with real clothing.

Okay time to have some Miku Hatsune which I do not expect less of her!! Miku in her Good smile Racing look!

and the cute little vocaloids gang of hers!

Now Kotobukiya is also famous for girls figures which is very pricey but the quality is good!

This is one of the coming one!! Look more real life than Anime looking.

They even sell figure casing for their figures! Good news for collectors.

Honestly there are other hot figures and loads of them in the store but I cannot showcase all here (NSFW) and this post is getting too lengthy.

So I will share more on the next post!!

Here! My eyes up here!!


Kim Dubuisson said…
Wow! So many cool toys and plush. My son would go crazy in the Dragon Quest section.
Kim Dubuisson said…
Wow! So many cool toys and plush. My son would go crazy in the Dragon Quest section.

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