Takara Tomy Metacolle Metal Figure Pokemon Snorlax

Snorlax is the next TakaraTomy Metacolle series Pokemon which happen to be one of the popular one in the series as it is so hard to find like Pokemon Go game. LOL

That being said, do you know in Japanese name, he is call Kobigon?

The status of the Pokemon are printed on the box. It show the Pokemon number and the height which is 2.1 meter. He is tall but he is super heavy with the weight of 460 KG!!

Out of box, the scale is close to the box packaging!

The toy also is heavy and both of his arms can be articulated.

You can put in his favourite position to sleep of course! LOL

That being said, Snorlax do look good and friendly.

Among the other 2 in the same series, Snorlax is the heaviest in term of these toys but the scale is definitely not to scale.

Among the 3 of them, who do you like most? Is it Snorlax?


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