Takara Tomy Metacolle Metal Figure Pokemon Charizard

My review of TakaraTomy Metacolle figure continue since I last ended with Pikachu. This time it is Charizard!

Charizard was the English version but in Japan, they call him Lizardon as it is stated on the box.

The top of the cover would show Charizard head as if you put them stacking together it is easy to see what figure it is.

On the side of the box, the Pokemon information will be stating this is the number 006 in the Pokedex and it has a height of 1.7 meter and weight 90.5Kg

Time to Open the toy!

Out of the box, the figure comes in 4 different parts. 2 wings, tails and the body which is where the metal diecast are.

First you have to stalk the wings together like below...

Then fit it at the back of Charizard...

Lastly fit in it's tail which is on fire.

The figure allow movement of both hands and feet. Too bad the head is not movable at all.

Close up of Charizard face really look good.

The hands can move up and down...

So does the feet that you can make him sitting down like this.

The only bone I pick on this series was the scale as placing beside Pikachu, Charizard look smaller than a Charmander...

Nonetheless the look of Charizard was good in details and just as you remember him in the Pokemon series.

More on the next Pokemon review later.


Kim Dubuisson said…
Very nice even if a little small.
Yup, should be bigger for a dragon and I'm quite bothered by the obvious line on the neck.

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