Starwars First Order Stormtroopers Finn

I have been waiting for this version of Finn as this is more like 2 in 1 figure. A first order Stormtrooper and the character Finn.

This version only have basic articulation of arms and feet. There is no knee or elbow articulation. As usual Hasbro throw in gimmick of weapons that does not show in the movie.

Time to Open the Toy!!

Out of box and with the helmet on, the figure certainly look good.

Personally I love the back design as it is more plain and neat than the episode VI stormtroopers design.

In the movie, Finn helmet is the only one that have blood of the victim on his helmet. It pretty strange how blaster that is laser will make someone bleed as the laser would be too hot to dry blood instantly. well it's a toy anyway.

The figure comes with it's own blaster which Finn hardly used in the movie when he raided the village and catch pilot Poe.

The bonus would be the likeness of Finn was well done when you remove the helmet.

Although limited joint articulation, the figure look good and the likeness was worth the money.

This is One First order Stormtroopers you got to have for Finn.

Is this worth it? You tell me.


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