Pokémon Sun Solgaleo

Yesterday was the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon and remember in my last few post on my visit to Pokémon center Tokyo I saw some of figure? Finally got a chance to get a Pokémon Sun figure!!

This Pokémon figure originally comes in this simple white box which I believe suppose to be pre-order exclusive depending on which version you order in Japan.

The box is really plain that just state that inside is a PVC figure.

A close up on the detail of Solgaleo which is the legendary of Pokémon Sun! Detail and color is amazing.

I have to clarify that this is just a display figure with no joint movement at all.

The coloring is decent and the mold is neat and clean featuring all the necessary details...

Even the paws at the bottom are painted. I am impressed!

If you are wondering why I only get Pokémon Sun Solgaleo, because I chose the side of Sun in this series...

To be honest it is actually my kid who is playing. I don't get to play. T-T

Well Go Pokémon for me!!


Kim Dubuisson said…
Wow! My son loves this!!!!

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