LEGO Minifigures Series 16 Mexican Singer

Time to go back to my LEGO minifigure series 16 review of one of the figure I like. The Mexican guitar player or Singer.

Now this wasn't one of those figure that I really like in the beginning but somehow this figure grow on me. First I find the Guitar look really good and special as it is rather rare to have LEGO figure having musical instrument.

Plus the Guitar detail look good. See the chrome parts??

However when this was turned to the back, you can see the Guitar was rather hollow.

A few details that make this figure unique.
First was the guitar and another is he is one of those would have a great moustache which hang on his around his head. Due to that, he has a longer neck to make room for the moustache.

That being said, I always picture him singing Mexican songs to charm any ladies or Senorita.

Let's see if he can charm the Ice queen of the same series.

Apparently I over estimated him.

Guess Ice queen is not impressed. Anyway if you have more of him, they will be a great band.

Don't you think so?


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