Figure-rise Dragonball Z Frieza Pod Coming

So the next figure in line for Bandai Dragonball Figure-rise is Frieza in his pod as his first appearance in Dragonball Z.

Personally I like this version of Frieza among the rest as I find it is very cool. The model kit seems to be well assembled and to put for display this would be great..

For the first time, we get to see what is inside the pod and it certainly look simple but comfortable that is yet to know.

The disappointment side that the Frieza seems to be in a fixed pose with not much articulation. if it is fully articulated it would be a big plus point.

The size comparison with the last version of Frieza

This model kit will be releasing in Dec 2016 at the price point of  3,200 Yen.

I would hope they can do a decent scouter with translucent screen but it seems it is fully cover with paint. Why is that?!

If you are still keen, look out for it in coming December!


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