The Secret Life of Pets: Max

Recently pick some of the Secret Life of Pets figures and here are some of the review.

I got these in a packet packaging sealed tight but you can see the actual content of what it is offering. Since I am a dog person, I got the dogs of course.

Here are what the series offers. You have 2 expression of Max, 1 Duke, Chloe the cat, Gidget, Buddy, Croc and 2 expression of the Bunny Snowball.

So I pick up 1 of the expression that I like which is Max.

Max is on it sitting position and at this position it seems eager to wait for something. Maybe waiting for his master like in the movie behind the door.

With it's one ear up, the body language do tell you that Max is trying to pick up some familiar sound that he is hoping for out of the environment which could be noisy.  Maybe is his mistress voice or walking of her heels.

Nonetheless the Max that I pick up do look rather sad and worry. Are you worry Max?

Okay let's give him some time for himself alone. I will review some of the rest later in the next post... Meanwhile get him to be a guard dog outside. LOL

Beware of Worry Dog. LOL


Alphonse said…
McDonalds Happy Meal has mini plushies of The Secret Life of Pets. Will Singapore get them next month?

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