The Secret Life of Pets: Duke

The next figure I am reviewing is Duke another dog from The Secret Life of Pets movie.

Duke in the movie was one of the big dog that is rather active without knowing how much nuisance he caused Max. However this version and the only version only show Duke to be rather having a "Not impressed" look...

The figure did make him look round but I am not certain is he really rounded or because his coat was fluffy. He wore a thick leather collar like in the movie.

At the back view, there really not a good side to see.

While on the side, it get worst as somehow it look like Duke is passing motion rather than sitting down.

Putting Duke to Max it gets worst as Duke seems to be shorter than Max.... I was hoping Duke to be bigger but that's another story all together.

Meanwhile let Duke out to let him do his business. Hehehe

More of this series toys review later!! Yes there is still one more. Guess which one. LOL


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