PLAY ARTS Kai FFVII Advent Children Sephiroth

Sephiroth fans from Final Fantasy would be delighted to know SQUARE ENIX Play Arts Kai will be releasing the Sephiroth from the FFVII Advent Children coming December.

I have to say this verison look good with his hair flowing.

Here's a close up of Sephiroth like he come out of the CGI animation.

Just when you think it is the best, it come with the magnificent wing to let him take flight!

The figure would come with 3 set of swap-able hands, his long katana sword and one of his wing.

From the photo, the wings will come with 3 section allowing better pose and flexibility.

So look out for it in Decemeber 2016 and get ready as the price is at 14,800 Yen


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