Mega Bloks TMNT series 2 Slash

I have read about Mega Bloks doing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for sometime but I finally get down to purchase some of it on the blind pack of the series 2.

In these series there are some special characters and all the TMNT are in special version it seems.

The first figure I got is Slash. He was original pet turtle of Raphael in the sewers but after he was expose to radio active Ooze, he transform into another Mutant turtles.

The figure was very animation accurate with the spikey shell and tone bluish skin

The only weapon or accessories he have was a Mace and it sit firmly on either of his hands.

Mega Bloks do offer more articulation compare to LEGO (just saying) which may it more action pose friendly.

Well more review on the next it line.


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