Bootleg LEGO Dragonball minifigures

Since I have review between the LEGO bootleg Dragonball Krillin with Bandai Figme, I decide to review the rest of the Dragonball in the bootleg gang.

Well maybe I shouldn't use the word Bootleg since LEGO never did make any Dragonball minifigure anyway.

Well here is Vegeta if it is to be in LEGO minifigure. The look of Vegeta and hair style was spot on. If I have a bone to pick it would be the hair are too glossy.

At the back of the armor detail was there too.

And here is Gohan and if you are a Dragonball fan, you would know by now these series design was in the period of Resurrection of Freiza.

The back of the body come with detail as well.

Another thing that impress me was these series, the design trying to make it in scale as Krillin was having shorter leg but Vegata should be shorter than Gohan.

By now you should be asking where is Son Goku right? Well here he is in his Super Saiyan God Blue and he is Awesome!!

The creator actually give him his Bo which I think was not really necessary but good thing it can be remove easily.

So here are some of the gang in the series I got for fun. Look pretty decent isn't it?

Seems like Vegeta was not happy with him not having Super Saiyan Blue....

Well that doesn't really work for me but whatever make him happy bro.

I am rather pleased as these third party toy maker would do such unique series and look pretty decent. Who knows maybe one day LEGO may have license to do such but till then, these are how they would be.

What's your thoughts of these series of Dragonball minifigures?


The facial print of the faces looks good and I like the expression of vegeta! Cool comic stripes and kudos to vegeta's power-up!

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