Disney LEGO Minifigures Stitch

One of my favourite in the LEGO Disney Minifigures series 1 is Stitch. Why? because he look really good in Minifigure form.

Stitch is a no nonesense as it only comes with 3 parts with ZERO accessories(Not that I am complaining but some accessories would be good). Yes just 3 pieces. Head and body and Knees and toes... Knee and toes... Knee and toes... Got you singing when you read didn't it? LOL

Stitch comes in a short leg for LEGO as it is not moveable. This is pretty normal standard as shorter leg was never made to move as a LEGO pieces.

The reason why I am forgiving that they did not put accessories pieces for Stitch is because LEGO did made a good looking 3D head for Stitch. Maybe because LEGO do know none of their standard brick head can work. So we got Stitch head like a TsumTsum here. LOL

The back of Stitch show off the details of the stripes of the body and ears. Notice the tail of Stitch was just a drawing rather than a 3D LEGO part.

On the side view. Stitch look good enough for me. Remember this Stitch cannot sit as the legs are not moveable.

On the top view you can see his hair sticking up.

Time for Stitch to meet some of those that I have...First Alice... She always into Cat thingy....you know, wonderland?

And when Stitch meet Maleficent... she look so Alien to him....
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Stitch one of the best figure in my opinion of LEGO Disney Minifigure.

Do you agree?

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Alphonse said…
Stitch looks like an evil space koala. Lol.
Great LEGO strategy! Way to go : )

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