LEGO Disney Minifigure MOC Display Bases

When you collect the latest LEGO Disney Minifigures, what do you do? You will display it of course but for hardcore LEGO fans, it would be a good way to use your creativity to make base for each one of them and that was exactly what Angela Chung did!

First off is Maleficent in the old store room where sleeping beauty who would discover a spindle. She is figuring out her evil plan?

Peter Pan and Captain Hook will be fighting on a pirate ship and be careful hook, there's a crocodile as usual waiting for you in the water!

Minnie and Mickey base would be a lovely picnic in a park near a pond where some love bird meet. While there was not Pluto, it has been replaced by Scoobydoo.... wait Scooby is not under Disney!! Lol

Meanwhile Donald Duck (not Trump) and Daisy are having some dancing session in the comfort of their home. Seems like Donald had pop the question looking at the 2 golden rings and flower on the flower... oh the ring look like having some elvish writing...My Precious!!!!! but why have 2 and not 1? LOL

Back in the Arabia in the busy market. Aladdin is on a busy market with Abu the monkey on his side The Genie looking at a distance looking...

And in Andy's room, there was where the toys are left. Seem like Andy are more older looking at the decoration of his room. The toys are now having a party since Andy hardly come back home during the day. Do note Woody and Jessie are not from the Disney Minifigure series but the box set.

Under the Sea, Little Mermaid and her friends are there. Where else you expect her to live?

While on top of the ocean, Stitch is alone because he was the only one left out surfing not the web but the wave. A healthier choice.

Syndrome was busy fighting the skinny version of Mr. Incredibles with his robot....I would have swear that was the son of Mr. Incredible. LOL

Alice on the other hand are still in wonderland and Cheshire the cat are on the tree doing her cat thing like napping. Oh Mr Rabbit has become a real rabbit it seems.

I have to give credit to Angela Chung who show her passion in making such wonderful base for this series. Hopefully this inspire more LEGO collector to actually start building and create your own creation and not keep them in box. You may view more details of her create over at her Flickr page.

Till then, keep on building!


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