Epoch Capsule Collection Robot

Not too long ago saw these good articulated capsule or some called Gashapon figures and I went hunting for it high and low. Finally thanks to a friend I got these!!

I will review on the figure first as it offer good many articulations. There are instructions of joints and assembly found on the instruction sheet.

This series are having 2 robot looking figures in White and in full black. This review is on the black robot.

If you are into model kit, you would see something similar on the joint that comes in runner. You take them out, you may need to use some cutter to do so in order to have clean cut.

You need to assemble the joint which come in 2 pieces to be of one piece and the articulation will be there. 

Assemble 6 of them and you are ready for the next steps to assemble it.

For the body parts (not the joints) the material is like rubbery plastic that allow some degree of bending 

Assembling them is rather easy but you need to ensure the joints are completely fitted.

You need to make sure you do put in the correct side of the joint as one side is long while other is short.  You need that for balance and gripe.

One it is done, the figure look amazing. It really a good looking robot.

Although with out any expression, the articulation would have give it good pose for expression using body languages.

At the back of the robot, it look rather bare but this is just an skeleton so I think it's alright. Plus it is not in any gender.

I am pleased to see how they can make a capsule toy with such articulation and in just at 300 Yen.  

I don't have much expectation since the price is low but the joy it offer was great! I would pose more of this later. Oh and the Kart too! LOL

Good job Epoch.


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