Disney LEGO Minifigures Alice

Disney LEGO minifigures have just roll out and finally get to have some of the characters. At first I wasn't that interested but realized there are some parts that look quite unique and I decided to have a go for just some of them.

First to get review is Alice from the Alice in Wonderland. It comes in separated parts and all the part look lovely.

Assembling the parts is a breeze. There are no loose joints. All parts snap together well.

She comes with her blond hair and a sweet smile. Having a blue dress with a white apron, white stocking and black shoes.

At her back you can see the details of the tying of the apron too.

Her only accessories was a blue translucent bottle and a cap. The bottle have a label like in Alice in Wonderland saying "Drink me"

Her hair is one piece item with a black hair band on the top with a small bow.

Overall you will grow to love this Alice as I do. 

More of others figures in later post. :)

Do you love Alice in wonderland?

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