Preview of LEGO Mixels Series 9

LEGO Mixels fans, these are some first look of the characters.

There are 3 new Tribes.

The Newzer Tribe which is much like reporter equipment or vehicle in nature.

 Myke (41580) which is like reporter Microphone, Camsta (41579) which is a heli-camera and Screeno (41578) which is like TV screen with a microphone.

Next is the Nndjas tribe which consist of Mysto (41577) a ninja with a hat looking like a old grand master, Cobrax (41575) which is snake-like in nature with sai weapons and Spinza (41576) a spinning ninja with 2 katana sword.

Finally the Trashoz tribe which is more garbage related keeping everything clean. Gobbol (41572) which is  trash bin looking. Sweepz (41573) a road sweeper and Compax (41574) a cleaning machine like brushes hand (unique parts).

No official date yet but we shall wait shall we?


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