Movie Realization Samurai Spider-man Coming

Since Tamashii Nations was releasing Starwars for Movie Realization, now it move to Marvel universe and the first one was Spider-man make into Samurai design.

To me it was not a big surprise that the Japanese would pick Spider-man to be first for the Marvel as back in the 70s, Japanese have their own spider-man story on TV.

However I have a bone to pick that if they want to make a Samurai era of Spider-man, he would be fitting to be a Shinobi (Ninja) than a samurai due to his dexterity nature.

Yet they have to make Spider-man as a Samurai....

Nonetheless, they include the crawl and other range weapon as Spider-man would choose...

The weapon would be more like a hook that flew from his wrist just like a spider web.

This figure is schedule to release on August 2016 at the list price of 8,800 yen

What do you think of this version of Movie Realization Samurai Spiderman figure?


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