LEGO® Disney Minifigures Coming

Starting from May the 1st, LEGO will be releasing the Disney Minifigures in blind pack!!

One box there are 60 Minifigures and can form up to 3 complete set of 18 with other extra.
Generally in one box and here are the odds....

4 x Mickey Mouse and 3 x Minnie Mouse

3 x Donald Ducks and 3 x Daisy Duck

3 x Ursula and 3 x Ariel little Mermaid

3 x Captain Hook and 3 x Peter Pan

3 x Maleficent and 4 x Snitch

3 x Alice and 3 x Cheshire Cat

4 x Mr. Incredible and 4 x Syndrome

4 x Genie and 3 x Aladdin

3 X Buzz Lightyears and 4 X Pizza Planet Alien

So look out for it in the first week of May 2016!!


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