1/100 Gundam Barbatos Review

I got this kit when it is out but only got down to finish it couple of months later....Nonetheless, this is my review of the 1/100 Gundam Barbatos.

This is not the Master Grade although this is 1/100 in Bandai Model kit history. This is the start of the "NG" No grade 1/100 and I didn't have much expectation when I got hold of this kit and the hands on did make me doubt as this kit is as good as MG. Not too sure if this only apply to the Iron blooded Orphans series only.

Heck just Open the Toy and review already!
The sight of the runners already speak volume as this is no ordinary No grade kit. This Gundam comes with an inner frame somemore. How can this not be as good as Master Grade?

Look at this part? It may look one part but there are few parts that form this part! It's crazy in details!

The top left was the complete part but look at the number of parts that form that single part! Really worth it for those who like Model kit details.

It took me like an hour to put the upper body inner frame up as it has several joints.

After close to 2 hours, the whole inner frame is done! I called it a day...

With the inner frame done, it look pretty naked and I decided to give it some colors to make it look metallic taking references from the higher grade Barbatos and this is the results.

I did applied the stickers that come with the kit but some parts I decided to use paint marker and see how it will look as I want my Barbatos to be unique or so to say custom. LOL

Gundam Barbatos begin to take shape as pieces of the outer armor was put in place....

As it turn out the details of the different color parts of the inner frame along with the external armor with weathering effect make my Gundam Barbatos with characters.

In regard to his weapons, it is really massive. In fact for Gundam Barbatos, all of his weapons are huge but it look good on him.

Just close in to the details of the legs which I also used the marker to paint. Hehehe

This 1/100 Gundam Barbatos come uniquely with a Katana sword and it is really long!

Between the Gun and the Sword, I always love the sword. 

I really enjoyed taking my own sweet time to do up this kit and I have to say this new 1/100 line isn't any inferior to the Master Grade. The price is more affordable but the details are still there.

I was right to pick this up to build as it met my expectation in building it and the end result.

Do you like this 1/100 Gundam Barbatos?


Nice touch up on the kit! Seriously, I have yet to watch IBO ... I must say this design is pretty unique and this Gundam had been well received so far. Having an endoskeleton for a non-grade kit is already impressive and worth it.
Dash said…
loved the weathering effect..i got my own barbatos kit as well..but im still gathering ideas how i should build and customize it..i kinda new this..hehehe..i was just i little disappointed it does not come with the mace..
LEon said…
Hi Dash. Thanks! Ya bandai is smart as HG they give the Mace but this NG they just give other unique weapons so collector have to get all. LOL
Kaboku said…
Love the weatherung effect. Nice and simple. Carebto share how u did the weathering?

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