Mattel Barbie Doll Black Label Series Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It is not that surprising Mattel is going to release Wonder Woman but what taken me by surprise was Mattel going to do Superman and Batman in Barbie series too for the coming movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However this is more on a higher collection line called Mattel Barbie Doll Black Label series.

Here is the production photo of Wonder Woman and it look gorgeous as a Barbie form. She is complete with her Amazon sword and shield.

On the closer look of the product studio shot, Wonder Woman have a good styling hair and flawless skin. Not to mention the detail of the armor...

As a regular toy shopper, we should really just look at the actual packaging and you can see on the whole the detail is there but the skin surface and hair may defer as the product photo.

This Wonder woman will be priced at USD$90.00

Now let's look at Batman. As a Barbie form, it capture the likeness of Ben Affleck but a much younger form. Still he look good.

It offer Mask off and Mask on option and with the mask on, the look of Batman look just alright on the consideration this is a Barbie figure.

Now let's look at the packaging version and you can see Batman comes with Mask on but somehow the hand pose look a bit weird. This is price higher than Wonder Woman and it is at USD$110

Finally Superman. This is the only Barbie version of the latest Superman and the suit look good at the product photo. 

On the closer look, Superman again look younger and this more like a Teenager Superman as a pretty boy. But hey who am I to judge as this should appeal to the ladies right?

On the packaging, Superman pose in his classic pose which look so natural for him. Superman is priced the same as Batman at USD$110

Now this is more on the top line product of Mattel under Barbie series and because it is under Barbie, it is not the same as the Hot toys. That being said, among this 3, who do you think likely to be the most popular?

If it Barbie of course I will go for Wonder Woman. Just hope they do more for her than the guys.

Look out for them in March in US retail. Other region, pray your Mattel reseller bring it in.


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