Coming Hasbro 6" Starwars Black Series in 2016

Hasbro have just release some production photo of the coming 6" Starwars figure under the Black series.

STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES Princess Leia of her first appearance in The New Hope

STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES Snowtroopers from the Empire Strike back

STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES Sabine the first figure from the Animated Starwars Rebel TV series

Finally something that I have been waiting for which was a fans' choice last year in the survey. STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES Darth Revan.

How cool is that since he have double lightsaber! I do have the 3.75" Darth Raven which I reviewed last year. Certainly will see more of it when it is release later this year in retail.


Dark Raven looks awesome and I really like the sculpt of Sabine. It's the best of her so far. Hasbro is using real fabric : )
Unknown said…
Sabine is not the first rebels 6" figure.
Melinda said…
Revan and Leia are good, forget the rest. EU forever! #GiveUsLegends
LEon said…
@John you are correct. There was Kanan Jarrus.
Anonymous said…
And Ahsoka Tano.
RORMachine said…
I wish fans like you would give it a rest. No amount of raging, bitching or buying billboards is gonna bring the EU back. Get over it already.
C.L.Calbert said…
And non jedi Ahsoka

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