MOC: LEGO Godzilla Rampage

Recently I read on social media there's a  4 x 4 challenge for LEGO My Whole Creation or aka MOC built. I saw some interesting entries and I try to take on that challenge and this is what I made.

Godzilla Rampage!!

If you are a LEGO minifigures collector you would know where this Godzilla comes from.but if you do not know. You can read here. LOL .

I was going for the burning cities effect....

I hoped I nailed it tho...

It is indeed challenging to have such a small area to build something that look good or creative.

Most importantly is to have fun with what you have and use your creativity to make it work.

If you are into custom creation which most call it "My Own Creation" you can do join Open Brick Happy page and share with everyone your creations.

More of LEGO playing and sharing later.


That's simple and adorable! Attack of the Godzilla ^_^

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