TAKARATOMY STAR WARS Diorama Death Star Coming

Have you ever want a DeathStar? Well if you do collect TakaraTomy Starwars figures and vehicles, this playset would be ideal for you to display.

First you have a good looking Deathstar and you can attached the Tie-fighter or X-Wings on it. Do note both of the vehicles sold separately.

You can then open the DeathStar for further playing or displaying which look like this with others Starwars Figure and vehicles that sold separately.

Let's look at the detail on the right which is more like a hanger with a canon blaster that come with the playset. Others figures and vehicle are sold separately tho.

On the left is the communication room which you can only put the figures there like C3P0 and R2D2 and some stormtroopers to make the classic scene in Starwars Episode IV. Do note that the figures are not included.

Now you maybe wondering if there are any figure included. Well the answer is Yes. You get the exclusive Emperor Palpatine sitting on his throne room waiting for you to strike him down with all of your hate and anger.

You can display him on the top of the Deathstar with Darth Vader (sold separately on his side) and other figures to display at the bottom.

Overall this is one good looking Diorama for Starwars fan and none of other toy maker do a Deathstar on sale now.

This set is schedule on December 2015 (subject to changes) at listed price of 7,400 yen.

Look Good indeed.


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