LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS 75827 - Firehouse Headquarters Preview

Following the last time I posted some preview shot of the LEGO The Ghostbusters HQ, LEGO finally release some official photo of what is inside the HQ!

Here is the official box cover and it is big!!

Here is how it look like internally!

if you are wondering what is the blue thingy on top of the roof, it is one of the blue ghost that escape in the movie.

Let's go into the details. First the door! It comes with stickers for the signs...I foresee there will be some amount of stickers which mean you have to paste it yourself.

The Pantry area for the Ghostbusters to hang out and have Pizza!

Egon got his own lab table for testing his gadgets...Don't play with fire!!

There is a toilet but beware of Slimer coming out of the towel bowl!

The classic scene when Egon do testing with Louis...

There is a pool table for recreation. They really know how to enjoy.

This set is for Ages 16+ and having 4,634 pieces.

It is price at US $349.99 at target to release in January 2016.


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