Custom LEGO Harley Davidson Road King

This is the first time I have seen Chrome LEGO and these are custom but it look so awesome!

This is done by bricksonwheels and this is what he shared.

I have a big passion for customized cars and bikes. I especially love the Cali style lowriders, as featured by this model because of the awesome colors and extreme customation. This Harley Davidson Road King,scaled 1:10 is built out of genuine LEGO bricks, in sand and dark green color, completed with many chromed and gold plated bricks.

Models like this and many others like cars, planes and trains will be featured in the forthcoming Nostarch book: The Art of Lego Scale Modeling, to be released this summer. You can see a preview here:

For this Harley Davidson I teamed up with Auri from Bricklinks Chrome Block City ( to combine gold and chromed plated parts into something really customized.

You can see the whole resolution at the owner bricksonwheels here


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