Tomica Toy Story 2015 Series

With Toy Story releasing for 20 years, Tomica is releasing a series of Toy Story playset and diecast car.

This is the playset which is like the toy room of Andy.

This set is cool as this really serve as a parking lot for the vehicles and the whole look at feel is a room of toy collecting.

They even have drawers for the characters

Buzz Lightyear come with his box as a car and look mint in box!! LOL

Woody car is the RC car in Toy Story 1. No controller included tho.

Bulleye suppose to be a horse but because it should be a Tomica car, he too have a car or cart for him.

Jessie having her own carriage of the old west. 

You can combine them to form a set for bulleye and Jessie vehicles.

One of the favorite would be the green soldier with his own Jeep!!

As for the Aliens. it come with his spaceship but as a car as well. Love the capusle feel.

With the playset and the vehicles, I have to say it is a good collection to be collect.

Lastly, You got a friend in me. LOL


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