Tomica ThunderBird Are GO!

I remember Thunderbird was more of a puppet action show back in the 1970s and what so cool about them was not it is puppet but the spaceship that they are in.

Recently they did it using CGI and it look way better with some reboot of looks. What interesting remain was their vehicles.

Tomica capture that with Diecast toys for that.

Close up of Thunderbirds 1 and 3

Most love including me is Thunderbird 2 which is a big carrier.

Carrying Thunderbird 4.

Here's the Video review of these Thunderbird are Go!!

If you are a fan of the Thunderbird series, this Diecast toys from Tomica are a must have!


I didn't follow Thunderbirds however I could relate Thunderbird 2 to the show. I remember puppets were the casts.

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