TakaraTomy Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Diecast Figures

For TakaraTomy Starwars diecase figures, the next release which is series 3 will be characters from Starwars Episode VII, The Force Awakens.

This series having a set of 5.

Starting with #008 Kylo Ren with 2 articulated arms.

#009 First Order Stormtrooper which I think have quite a lot of Diecast part like the Stormtroopers in series 1.

The cute #010 BB-8, not too sure if this have articulation but if it has would be just the head.

#011 Captain Phasma which I hope it really come with shinning chrome....

Lastly the out of place  #012 Clone Trooper which is from Episode 3 and not Episode 7....

TAKARA TOMY メタルフィギュアコレクション #008 to #012 will be selling each at 1,080 Yen releasing in November 2016.

Which one are you getting?


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