LEGO General Grievous 75112

Ever since I saw the LEGO Buildable Figure for Starwars series 1, I have an eye for General Grievous among the rest.

Finally took the step to make the purchase of him and I have never looked back.

Even the face look so good. Good Job LEGO.

Okay enough writing, here is a video review of the actual Toy with some modification by myself.

Do you Like this Grievous as much as I do?


Jcee said…
I know eh?! He's so good! Ever since I saw the first release pictures of it, I knew I had to get it! Got it right when it was released here, I think he is probably the best figure for General Grievous because of how articulated and how well the technic look goes with his on screen look. The others in the line is just not as great with Grievous being this good.

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