The Little Red Brick LUG Show SG50 Edition LEGO Showcase

Singapore 50th National day is around the corner and this year for the 50th years, there are couple of #SG50 theme going on around Singapore. One of them was the The little Red Brick LUG where fans of LEGO come together to put on a showcase just for Singapore.

I have to say the visit was very meaningful to me as a Singaporean and look at some buildings and scenes that remind me of Singapore. Like this Singa Lion

The famous VR man in the 1990s Singapore TV

This bus stop scene is so typical for teenagers.

In the year 2000 the craze of Hello Kitty at Singapore McDonalds....

It's a amazing how the group came together to make this show pieces with love and dedication.

They even put some LEGO in pot for decoration.

Here's a video on some of the works but there are more that are not inside.

The showcase will be at Singapore National Library from 1st to 28th of August and it's free. So do pop by and be amazed with some of the works that is all from Singapore.

PS this is one of my favorite pieces there.

Tell me what you think of this event. Do you like it?


No wonder you enjoyed so much at the event. There were so much to see, MOC of Singapore most iconic and heritage! To bad I wasn't able to go down. Luv everything from old Singapore, the landscape, the NS up 2 tonner, the dragon playground to even VR Man James Lai. It's amazing what simple building block does.

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