TakaraTomy Mazinger Gashapon

What is this looking Mazinger? Is it a diecast toy?

No. Believe it or not, this is one of the capsule toy from TakaraTomy series.

In fact in this capsule or Gashapon series, there are many Mazinger and they have different usage for display and for desktop purposes like 2 of time to hold an actual namecard and one which I am reviewing is a mobile phone holder.

But I will come to that later.

Let's us just look at the pose and details in the full front view

On the right side of the Mazinger capsule toy...

The close up details of the face has quite good details despite of it's size...

On the left side of the Mazinger capsule toy...

On the back of the Mazinger butt, there is the product trademark.

You need to use an suction device to put on the hands of  this is one of the capsule toy from TakaraTomy series.

With the attachment of the suction, it affect the looks of the display figure.  Plus the part does not really does it job to support a mobile phone. Likely this figure would fall.

Nonetheless for display or presentaton. this Mazinger rock.


The idea of supporting the handphone is really cool ^_^ it served a better purpose than the usual keychain.
Lesley said…
There are so many little details up close that fans appreciate. Now, does it support the phone or not? I wasn't sure if I read that right? Either way, it's a really cool figure. Impeccable details in the up-close pictures.
LEon said…
Yes it does support the phone weight if you put at a right angle. This would be useful if you are watching YouTube in landscape mode while you go hands free.
LEon said…
Ya I have a zaku which does that and now a mazinger. Lol

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