Starwars Movie Realization Ronin Boba Fett

Here is the preview of the coming BANDAI Starwars Movie Realization Ronin Boba Fett which will be releasing in November 2015.

It comes with many gadgets just like how Boba Fett is as a bounty hunter.

But this remake in Japanese he was a Ronin, which is a Samurai without any master. He is armed with a short rifle.

A mid length Samurai sword

Lot of short blade can be placed on his leg.

For short range weapon he has his bolt on his arms and he even have a scope at his eyes to assist in aiming.

This BoboFett look more like a Ninja to be than a Ronin actually, You can see the chest of BobaFett on his shoulder like in Starwars.

It will be having a listed price of 8,800Yen. Look out for it if you like this alternate look.


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