Starwars Darth Revan

When the game of Knight of the Old Republic game first release, it was a hit for Starwars fan. I remember playing the game on my XBOX console and the story and the characters are awesome!

The lead of the game is Darth Revan. A masked character who was suppose to be a fearsome Sith Lord. When Hasbro first release the figure, I know I got to have him and here he is.

This toy was release in 2007 and he was a fan choice. The first release of Darth Revan which come with a medal. Here is the card design.

At the back of the card tell a summary of Darth Revan in the game of Knight of the Old Republic.

He came with only 2 accessories. A lightsaber with blade and one without blade. Both are different Lightsaber by design.

The coin or the medal was rather light for metal but it is metal and when you strike the coin, it give out the metal sound.The coin indicated that Darth Revan was from the Expanded Universe of Starwars.

The toy is very much articulated but not his legs and there are no knee or feet articulation which kinda make this figure having issue in standing. But overall the design detail kind of make up for it.

But personally I find the detail can be improve as the detail of his Mask was not really accurate as some part are not in correct coloring.

Like a Sith, Darth Revan look good with a red lightsaber ready to strike his foes.

The hood piece of this toy can be removed (not certain it is for design or offering features of this figure), But when the hood is off, Darth Revan seems to be bald like Darth Vader minus the scars on the head.

Not really what I expected for this look.

Quickly put back his hood to keep the original cool look as I remember him to be in the game.

Why I review this toy till now? Well because I like Darth Revan and I believe his appearance in the character kind of influence the coming Sith in Starwars episode VII. The Force Awakens as the hood and the mask having resemblance of Darth Revan.

To be honest, if they do the story of The Knight of the Old Republic, they would have a successful proven formula for milking more many and give new hope to Starwars fan.

Now we have to see if Starwars episode VII is worth the wait and the Sith will be just like Darth Vader (Episode IV to VII) or Darth Maul.

What do you think?


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