SQUARE ENIX Variant Play Arts改 Miku Hatsune

Some time ago, we saw an impressive rendering of close to live like Miku Hatsune. It was a HATSUNE MIKU × TETSUYA NOMURA version on youtube.

Here is the video of that Miku.

If you like that version, SQUARE ENIX VARIANT PLAY ARTS改 will be releasing this in October 2015. This is designed by TETSUYA NOMURA.

This is a realistic approach on the virtual Miku Hatsune.When the video was out, it was having mixed reaction from the fans.

To put a real life face and body to Miku is a tough job as many fans got used to how she look in animation. Just look at the body of the Miku figure which she suppose to be 16 year old girl.

Her hair to me are not really realistic as the real hair texture of such color will not look so translucent....

Other than that, I still can accept this real life version of Miku but given a choice, I would like to see the anime version or the Project Diva Arcade version as she is more cuter in that version.

However if you like a real life "cosplaying" Miku Hatsune, this version is for you at 12,000 Yen.

The price range is quite high for some but if you are a fan, you will get it nonetheless right?

How would you fair this version of Miku Hatsune as a toy?


I wouldn't mind a more human looking Miku... It's pretty sexy actually... Let me guess... You will PO this figure...

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