Playmobil 3168 Police Biker

It has been sometime I pick up a Playmobil and when I see a bicycle Playmobil, it interest me.

This is the Police Patrol with a bicycle, Police Playmobil with a safety bike helmet and a handgun. 

Because it is a bicycle outdoor Playmobil, I decided that he will look better if he really get outside. So he went on patrol in some park.

It is a sunny morning and a great day to exercise...wait he is some purpose to be on duty and not exercise.

His Police uniform are sporty type with the police wording on his bicycle pant....

On his shirt, he have a Police badge printed on him. If you must know, the safety helmet felt good with the curves.

I know that on bicycle, he may outrun many criminal that is on foot but on vehicle I have some doubts....

If he is a experience biker, he may travel on different terrain and still be good at it in term of speed. 

This is taken care of because the bike wheel are more like mountain bike and not those smooth one that can race only on roads. So I would guess this Police are more on parks patrol.

He have to been on look out on the side of the road as sometime he may pick up dead bodies (That what I read on news and Hollywood movies...).

All in all, this is a good looking and fun playmobil that you or your kids can bring it outdoor for fun. But please be careful and not get carry away where you are playing it.

Remember as Police always say, Safety first.

Okay on with his Patrol.... See you guys later...

Do you like the outdoor photography?


Bro, u really brought it for off road trail! Nice photos and cool figure. Now, our police also goes back to cycling...

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