Bandai Chogokin My Melody Coming

My Melody fans who are jealous that Hello Kitty got 2 Chogokin, be envy no more as My Melody will be having her own Chogokin design in coming January 2016!

It comes with a My Melody pilot and the cockpit is actually at it's tummy.

If you think the Tummy cockpit is too obvious, you can hide it by turning that the other side.

In the standing mode you can push it and it will roll with the wheels on it's feet.

Flipping the body back will activate the cockpit up to the top while there will be a visor in blue lowering down giving My Melody a cool look.

In the above position, you can push it like a car rolling on the floor.

For weapon, you just need to turn his bunny ears to the front and it will shoot a heart. This apply on both ears.

This My Melody Chogokin will be releasing on 18th of January 2016 at listed price 5,400Yen for  My Melody 40th Anniversary.

Start to set your budget My Melody fans!!


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