SG50 McDonalds Singapore Hello Kitty Coming!

It is Singapore 50 years old and so many items are labelled as #SG50.

Finally McDonalds join the fun and going to release #SG50 Hello Kitty for SGD$5 with every purchase of Extra Value Meal. The item will be going on weekly from 27th July 2015.

Do note that each customer can buy up to 4 Hello Kitty Plush Collectibles per store visit.

The first will be the Trishaw Uncle edition

Second week will be the SG50 Parade

Third Week, Orchid Lover

Fourth week, Durian Lover (Not too sure if this got Durian smell or not)

Last week will be Samsui Woman edition.

A limited edition Hello Kitty plush collectible dressed as a McDonald’s crew will be available on Aug 6 from 11am onward only.

Customers who do not want the Extra Value Meal can tell the counter crew that they want to donate it to The Food Bank Singapore which will be donated as Food vouchers to the group’s beneficiaries.

If you really want the whole set and skip the trouble of queuing and heartache, you may want to purchase the entire SG50 Hello Kitty Collector’s Set online which only will be on Jul 20, 11am at for SGD$80 (why not $50 since it is SGD$50??) inclusive of GST and delivery. This box set will come with a Singapore landscape booklet to display the kitty and 6 Extra Value Meal food vouchers valued at S$5 each (SGD$30 back).

So get your engine started Singapore for your love for Hello Kitty.


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