LEGO Creator 7346 Beach House Alternet MOC

Since I have a LEGO Creator 7346 Beach House, my friend sent me a link to a MOC to make a good display set. With clear instruction, I manage to put up this lovely MOC.

This display show a red submarine under the sea with the fish and the crab.

On the top, Oliver (It's a name I called him) surfing the wave with a seagull on the coconut tree..

If you would look in details, you can see the submarine scoop is just above the water behind the surfer.

This display is idea to be on a desk as the surface area is small and in term of presentation was awesome!

If you happen to have the LEGO Creator 7346 Beach House, you can follow the instruction here and build this display.

How would you rate this display set?

Pretty cool right?


Lesley said…
We love Lego and we have a couple of the Creator sets but not the beach house yet. Love the little Mini Fig with his surfer dude hairstyle.
Unknown said…
Loved building this set thanks for designing it!

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