Dragonball Beerus God of Destruction

After watching Battle of the Gods, I personally have a liking in the movie of the Super Saiyan God form (which was very short lived) and the suppose to be villain but in the end he was not, God of Destruction Beerus .

So when I saw this capsule machine series, I know I have to give it a try!

There are 5 figure in this series which include, Super Saiyan God Gokun, Vegetto Super Saiyan 3 (which didn't appear in the movie), God of Destruction Beerus, Whis the teacher of Beerus and Uub recanated Majin Buu which also never appear the movie. I was hoping to get Super Saiyan God or Beerus.

With only one try which was my budget, I got Beerus and boy am I happy! This is more of a BB or SD form of him.

At the back there is the license or product number. Actually it is quite small to read with naked eye as this key chain figure is rather tiny. I notice they left the ear ring on his left ear and the necklace left unpainted just because it is at the back...

On the side he look great with good resemblance of him in the movie.

This figure are not design to stand but rather hanging as the feet are pointed and too tiny to balance. No complain there as that is how it is designed to be.

I have to say among most of the Villain of Dragonball series, I like him most as he is not really a villain because he wasn't that evil but just doing his job if he need too.

Maybe his craving for good food make him look cute and if you appease him with new tasty food, he may just forgive a planet for it.

I will be watching out more of him in the coming Manga of the new Dragonball Super series. Hope they won't screw the story up and please do not anyhow create more Super Saiyan form although I still digged the Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form. Hehehe

Do you like Beerus?


Power and adorable character. Look for Bulma for good food.. Lol

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