Bandai Starwars R2-D2 & R5-D4

We would like to feature a modeller Hiroaki Yoshimatsu from Japan who did some custom look for Bandai Starwars Model kit R2-D2 and R5-D4.

Instead of letting the R2 unit to have a clean look, Hiroaki had add in weathering to make the droid having more character and background story.

To achieve that, he has customized paint chips of the R2 unit using Tamiya Weathering master.

Use a swap and paint it on the parts of the R2 unit to make it season or old with dirts or rust.

Next use a clean swap with Thinner to clean up some parts so the rust part stand out.

Here is how R2D2 look with paint and weathering for various parts.

The R2D2 accessories can insert in all the R2 body!

Next Hiroakai-san built his own studio diorama with various lighting to give it dramatic effect.

See how the R5-D4 look like in the full studio shot. Look so realistic.

Looking at the photo, you don't even know it is a miniature kit as not a 1:1 scale.

Thank you Hiroaki Yoshimatsu for allowing us to share your works here.

You may head over Hiroaki Yoshimatsu facebook to see more!!


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