S.H.Figuarts 1st Appearance of Super Saiyan Gokun

It took sometime or maybe running out of idea for Bandai to release the first appearance of Super Saiyan Son Gokun when he was battling Freiza in the S.H.Figuarts version.

Thanks to Freiza for triggering the anger of Gokun to achieve that stage where he shouting at Freiza!

Particularly I love the broken shirt effect but I find the body is too clean to be manga accurate. If it is battle damage it should have some wounds. Who knows that effect will be another version for some SDCC exclusive in years to come as same mold just repaint.

I have to say the design seem like good improvement but how many version of Goku do you think the fan can actually afford??

Releasing in November 2015 with the listed price of 5,200Yen.

Here is the official advertisement

Are you willing to get this version?


Still like the old school Saiyan in yellow hair : )

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