McDonalds Lava Shooting Kevin Minion

Well Well Well... The release of the new Minion movie has mcdonald releasing new series of Minions toys and this is the second week. I manage to get the Kevin as in the new movie he got his cool Lava gun!

The instruction of the packaging is clear. It will not shoot lava but it will light up the gun giving it Lava effect. It need batteries which already included, switch and trigger to activate this feature.

The look of Kevin is good just like the movie. Even to scale among this collectable series, Kevin remain as the tallest one.  He is the inspiration of all minions...

Now to turn on the Lava effect you got to do two steps. First move the switch to 1 from 0...

Next pull the trigger back and you should see the lava gun lighting up. Does it look like Lava effect??

Here is one in full darkness...I find it is fun for kids if they put on some imagination. You have to remain pulling the trigger to achieve this Lava effect tho. 

Okay Play time!! Let's put the lava to work to see if it can melt this butter. Go Kevin!!!!!

OMG!! the butter is melting!!!  That's awesome!!!

Kids at home do not try this. Kevin is a train professional. 

Keep the imagination going kids and have fun!!


Ha! Ha! Lava gun melted the butter. Figures were fully redeemed at sonic speed.
Lesley said…
Hilarious shot of the butter being zapped by the lava gun. Your pictures are great, the review was in depth and informative brother, thank you. I'm looking forward to getting these at McDonalds next time I go.

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