Bandai Yo-Kai Watch Bushinyan Model kit

Coming back to Yo-Kai Watch model kit collection, it is time for me to review Bushinyan. It is another cat spirit who are having the Bushin spirit with Japanese Samurai armor.

Who is this Bushinyan? Well he is related to Jinbayan. In fact, he is one of the ancestor of Jinbayan!

Much of the fact he must be from the samurai era as he wore armor of that period. 

He don't look happy as I have forgotten his hair....

Now here is him in complete mode with the hair tied up on his head. Look funny if you ask me. LOL

It also come with a fan that you can put on top of his head.

But the best is still put the turqoise samurai hat on him and he look awesome!

This figure comes with Whisper the ghost as he stand which Bushinyan can split it into half.

Being an ancestor spirits of Jinbanyan, I think he have lot to say regarding Jinbanyan's attitude....

Sometime I wonder how our own ancestor think about how we live our life in general... What do you think they will say?


I like the samurai helmet and the crescent moon.

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